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Re: Need some imput please on napping.....

Hi Ginger! This is Kristin, the other West Bend cloth diapering, babywearing mama that you met at the park the other week! Sorry we didn't get to talk more--had to follow my 1 year old energizer bunny around! Usually I just read the FSOT boards but popped in on here and saw your post. Just have to sympathize--a couple of my babies have been like that. Not too much new to add to what the others have added. My babies have done a lot of napping in the sling when they were little. It sure does get tiring sometimes though just wishing you could set them down for awhile! I know the feeling! We've coslept with all three of ours so unfortunately I don't have a lot to share with tips to get them to stay asleep in their crib. So much of it seems to depend on each individual baby. Linnea, my 1 year old, is the only one of my three kids who actually napped in the crib once in a while as a baby. The other two woke up crying the minute their body touched the mattress. The suggestion to have a mattress or futon on the floor is a great one if your baby likes to nurse to sleep--this is essentially what we've always done with our cosleeping--nurse to sleep and then sneak away until I'm ready for bed. In your case you'd just go to your own bed. If you're interested, we have both Nighttime Parenting by Dr. Sears and Sweet Dreams by Paul Fleiss in our LLL library. You're welcome to check them out! The West Bend Library has both of them too. Nighttime Parenting does tend to be more cosleeping oriented while Sweet Dreams presents suggestions for all kinds of sleeping situations, including those in which baby sleeps in a crib. I also second the suggestion for the No-Cry Sleep Solution! You can get it through interlibrary loan. It's a great book!
Have you tried leaving something in the crib so that she still has your scent? Some moms have luck if they put an article of clothing or even a clean cloth diaper that they were holding close to their skin while nursing next to baby for a bit while laying her down (and then taking it away once they're totally settled if it's something that could get entangled)
Also, to me crib mattresses seem so stiff and plasticky and I think that's part of woke my babies up. With Linnea I laid a fleece blanket under the sheet just to add a tiny bit of cushioning and that seemed to help for naptime
OK, maybe I'll see you Friday at the park!
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