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Re: Austin area mommas

Originally Posted by wonton View Post
I actually live in Round Rock, and I hang out at my tiny apartment, ok well it's not super tiny but it sure does feel like it.

I have a 4mos old little girl and an 8yo big boy ha! My son will be w/my dad for the majority of the summer. My fiance is a software engineer and works for 3M, and I stay home w/my baby girl.
We moved her from New Mexico in October, but Im from Houston originally.
Im kinda shy, quiet and awkward in person when Im getting to know someone, hence why I hangout online so much lol.
I'm fully convinced hanging out in apts is the best place ever, though it does get lonely. And don't worry, the majority of my social interaction comes in the form of internet as well lol. I asked b/c my mom is in the austin area and going through a rough time. She also hangs around the house a lot.
Her youngest is 5 and oldest at home is 14. She is younger, but hasnt yet discovered chat rooms yet..or at least i hope not
In any case she asked me where to hang out and meet new cool ppl, and the coolest chicks I know are on DS
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