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Re: In Honolulu with dd for a couple weeks

hahahahahaaaa ok now I get it! Talk about right over my head! Id highly recommend to find a group. Ive joined on to a few meetup groups when my now 8 and 3 year olds were first born and stuck with the group I felt most comfortable in after a few meets, made tons of great friends with like minded people and the kids made some great friends too. Most of the SAHM groups are mostly geared toward NB-2.5 but Ive found the more active groups will have age appropriate activities planned for each age group plus stuff like moms night outs(kid free outings). I would recommend trying a larger more established group over a small group so she'll have a busier calendar of events and more outings to choose from not to mention a bigger circle of ladies in her same stage of mothering.
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