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Re: Now that Im here in Honolulu...please share where to go for

IMO Skip the mexican food, Ive been seriously disappointed by everywhere Ive been to so far and Ive hit all the recommended spots. Theres too many really great places to waste time on just ok food. Hawaii just doesnt do mexican right and its very overpriced for what it is, Again just MHO.

Nico's I highly recommend the swordfish!!! Ive had it twice and have been thinking about it nonstop I think im addicted, kids had fish(mahi) and chips and DH got the marlin burger. Everything is amazing for the price. Saturday they have live music outside but they close at 2 or something really early, 5 on weekdays. Make sure you go early because they do run out of the good stuff.

I like the Hukilau cafe too but its kind of far from downtown. if your looking for hawaiian comfort food this is it as far as im concerned.
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