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ISO - STYLISH nursing wear and non plastic baby plates/cups/etc

Thanks for checking this out! These are the things I can think of, but LMK if you have other things I might be interested in for a chunky little girl or this natural mama!! I'm up for trades too!

IDSO: any good wide brim hats for little girl (6mos-18mos size)

- Stainless steel or glass toddler plates, non plastic baby eating stuff
- Sippy cup adapter pieces for glass bottles
- Stylish nursing clothes in med/large - including PJs
- Mama pads
- unpaper towels with snaps
- Cool summer carrier for my chunky girl who likes to face out Pikkolo, Beco Gemini
- Lanolin spray
- Wool wash bars
- Girly wool skirties (not A line or chearleader - I like ruffles!)
- Interlock or crepe wool (wraps/skirties, medium or large)
- GAD covers or GAD Pocket with Organic Bamboo Velour in Medium, Husky Medium, or Large (Green Acre Designs)

- Wooden or rubber toys and teethers (not made in China - prefer USA!!)
- Organic, natural baby dolls (like organic cotton outers with wool inners - do these even exist?!! WAHM crafters bring it to market and I'll be your best customer!!)
- Matilda Jane pants or similar in 12mos or up sizes
- I'm a sucker for cute bubble rompers and girly cotton dresses in fun bright prints (9 mos - maybe, more like 12 mos and up)
- Dr. Bronners soap (liquid or bars - I should own stock in this company - I'm in LOVE with their products)
- Girl sandles (sizes 3.5-4.5)
- I could maybe be talked into more Swaddlebees fitteds in OCV - these are my favorite dipe of all time :-) Or what's your favorite diaper on a chunky monkey?
- Roomba, Scoomba, or iRobot (a girl can dream, right?! Seriously - I really want to try one of these!!) traded - yay! thanks, mama!!
- Bubble mailers

- Books (Bradley, Dr. Sears, Breastfeeding, Girlfriend's Guide, baby Sign Language, and more)
- Fitteds (Bamboozles)
- Pockets (FB, Rumparooz, Thirsties, HH)
- AIO/AI2 (Monkey Doodlez, Sugar Peas - with fleece covers, ecobumz)
- Prefolds (Under the Nile, Gerber, Embellished)
- Swim diapers and socks (g/n monkey doodlez)
- Maternity (small and medium, pants, capris, dresses, tops)
- Pampered Chef - total kitchen declutter - ask me if I have it!! I bought WAAY too much over the years!! (cookware, quick-stir pitchers, cookbooks, little gadgets, etc)
- Tablecloths
- Minky lovey
- Vulli and Disney teethers
- Tutu
- Heels, hot heels I should say! If you're a stileto addict, come help me destash!
- Women's Clothes - sizes small-large
- Baby girl clothes (premie to 9 mos)
- Sewing, crochet, "I-used-to-have-time-to-do-crafts" destash (fabric, threads, yarn, patterns, partially finished projects (haha) and more. Will post pics as I de-stash craft boxes!)
- Gift cards (since I stink at using them myself!)
Items come from a smoke free, 1 cat friendly home. Check out my other posts for the rest of my destash! I have fitteds, prefolds, covers, AIO/AI2s, pockets, swim diapers, maternity, kitchen, and more! Thanks!

Thanks for looking! SPAM welcome
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