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Re: Anyone else's LO NOT like Disney movies?

When you guys talk about bad attitude, that reminds me of when I started doing daycare and one of my kid's parents came to me and told me to stop using the word "jerk".
I was like, huh? That word isn't even in my usual vocabulary anyways, let alone with kids(but I was young & single, so she assumed it was from me?!).
I told her that word isn't a word I use but I would be sure to watch what I said in case I was using it & not noticing???
A few weeks later, she apologized to me and said her son's favorite cartoon was Toy Story, and Woody says that word to Buzzon several occasions in #1. She hadn't noticed it before. The Toy Story franchise is a very angry one verbally. I have watched it on occasion and it is just so angry in tone & wordage.
FYI, incase you didn't catch it. I think kids pickup on alot of things we miss. Like the word "jerk".
Bye bye.
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