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nighttime cluster feeding and falling asleep - need some advice

hey moms

i'm a new first time mom to my DS who is almost six weeks and is EBF. we've had our share of battles and i've gotten close to giving up several times but we've stuck with it and i'm glad - most of the issues are working themselves out as time goes on, slowly but surely. there's one problem i cannot seem to figure out how to resolve though and it's becoming really tiring and frustrating...

DS seems to cluster at night which i have read is totally normal, esp. since she is sleeping for a 5 hour stretch at night. the only problem is she is really restless most nights from about 6 until 930 (she is dead asleep by 930!). she gets fussy around 6 and i start nursing her and she seems really frustrated after the first letdown and sort of gives up almost. then she starts writhing around and i have to pull her in really close because she will slip off a lot and then after a few more minutes she's falling asleep and i am trying to encourage her to drink by tickling her chin or unlatching her, burping her and relatching her (which works sometimes). i know she gets frustrated with the milk flow at night because i can tell that it is slower - takes longer for another letdown. however, she doesn't try to get the milk down so the letdowns are going to take longer and i don't know how to help her with that besides doing breast compressions which i do every time and encouraging her to suck which i also do every time. we ended up going through this for almost 3 hours tonight. she would fall asleep and i would try to relatch her and she would fall asleep again and i mean within the first 5 minutes of nursing sometimes.

i feel so bad for her because i feel like she's conflicted - she's tired and hungry and cannot seem to rest long enough to be awake enough to feed at night. i'm nursing on demand so we aren't on a schedule but she seems to sort of naturally be falling into one. she gets hungry just about exactly every 2 hours during the day, clusters at night and wakes up almost every night at 230 for her middle of the night feeding and then sleeps until 6. she takes short naps during the day except for one that seems to be 1.5 hours early afternoon like 1 or so. i feel like the problem is she is sleeping in the morning and early afternoon a little and then is worn out by 6 and wants to cluster but she's also tired because she hasn't slept in so long. could this be the case? if so, how can i encourage her to sleep later in the afternoon to build up some stamina for her pre-bedtime feedings?

has anyone else had a similar problem? i know i have enough milk but is there anything i can besides breast compressions to speed up the flow? and will she eventually figure out that she has to keep sucking consistently to get it to come out faster?

thanks mommies
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