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So last night...

J and I were going out, to celebrate our anniversary.. We had a couple of high school guys watch the boys for us. We were talking bedtime diapers. I found a sposie for them to put on Torrin for bedtime and one says "Oh, you use those cloth ones? Man, those are a pain.." J says "Huh, I think they're easier." I never thought I'd hear my husband say that cloth was 'easier' than disposables! I think it was more his way of saying "I like them better", I dunno... Still, it made me happy to hear it.

Anyway, I showed said teenage boy the pocket diapers that they little ones were wearing ".. see it works just like a disposable." He says "Oh, those are neat! I've only had to deal with the ones with the pins." I was impressed that a 17yo boy would think anything other than "ick". Even some of the girls in our church childcare think cloth is icky!
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