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Re: How many diapers for a NB?

I know that I will NOT use prefolds, I just know that they will annoy me, and I don't need stress with a nb. I just made up a bunch of fitted contours that I don't even have to think about, just lay in a cover and boom done. I have a total of 26 nb dipes, I was told on another board that unless I want to do laundrey daily, I should probobly have about 36. So there you go. I don't mind doing laundry every day and a half, so I should be about set.

2 skb fitteds
2 Miniroos
2 very baby fitteds
1 Mutt
1 sellin threads fitteds
1 fmbg AIO
1 nb fitted
6 nb fitted contours

I am also going to add 2 Little M's AIO's.

ETA: I forgot, I also have 2 preemie cuddlebuns.

I only have 4 covers, 2 Prowraps, a velcro tab gerber, and a wool, I am going to be making a few more fleece covers to use with my contours and fitteds.
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