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Re: My dad forgot what it's like to have kids

My in laws were excited when I got taken off bed rest because they thought it meant we could go to Disney with them for the high school band weekend a month later. Walking into a doctor's office one week and him saying you are probably ok now does not mean it's time to march around in the heat. Disney was only 3 hours away at the time so we did wind up going for an afternoon with me in a wheelchair. Went to bed at 10pm and left the next morning. They thought it was weird that we didn't want to go to a couple of different parks. I had the baby the next weekend.

Then in December they went back for over a week (they have a timeshare in the winter) and wanted us to go for the whole thing. Ummm... Thomas was still eating every 2-3 hours then spitting up half his food and I was still EP'ing at the time. Not to mention we were in the process of moving! Seriously we packed up the truck on New Years eve.

Some people just don't understand and never will. The only thing we can do is laugh and hope they don't get too mad at us.
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