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Re: JuneBugs MAY chat!

Tam, Kailani didn't know what to do with his cake! We ended up eating it for breakfast the next day since it was a muffin, lol. when we have our families over, I think we are just going to give him a big bowl of blueberries and sing to him, hehe

Elena, how big was the tick? lyme ticks are about the size of a pen head or small freckle. like I said, initially, they do amox for 2 wks. If it's after the 2 wk period before you get help, you are basically screwed (so you all are ok!). Then you either have to be on abx ALL the time, or go thru and get it intravenously, etc, etc. it's bad stuff!

The rain! your poor town!

AFK: he had a horrid rash on his chest last night and Idk if it was a combo of sweat (our AC was broke and it was near 100), pollen (my eyes were itching like crazy around the time it showed up) and something he ate that might have sat on his chest. It was angry red and hivey. Now it just looks like prickly heat. I put my fingers in his mouth today and found 3 more teeth popping thru. They are on the side. So after he got his initial 8, these are the ones that have been working thru for months!

AFM: it's his bday tomorrow and I was gonna make him a card (he already got his presents) but I didn't get to the store to get stickers, clean the dishes, etc, etc. But I am so tired. I am not sleeping at night hardly at all. And today, DH came home with almost heat stroke again. So he has been needy tonight and the baby has been concerned about him. I feel nauseous and my head hurts (need sleep!) and we just got the AC kinda fixed late this afternoon so still waiting for the bedroom to be really cool- I have 3 fans going AND the AC blasting
Jul, This used to be a great place
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