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What's too frequent for fish sticks?

DS is on an extremely picky streak the last few weeks. DH's response is to want to just let him eat the couple of things he likes at the moment (fish sticks, quesadillas, chili). I'm of the opinion that the fish sticks (from alaskan pollack) aren't the best, but they are low mercury & it won't hurt him to have them on occasion. My issue is I'm not sure i'm comfortable letting him eat them every week, let alone every couple of days.

How frequently would you be ok with - assuming you'll let your dc eat fish sticks, I don't need a rant on the evils of processed foods - We're doing the best we can and he never ate out of a single jarred baby food because I made it all.

eta- ds is 16 months old, if that makes a difference to the response.

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