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Re: What's too frequent for fish sticks?

For the Federal Food Program reimbursement for childcare providers, fish sticks(I assuming you're talking the breaded kind you find in the freezer section at the store) & other highly processed & high fat items(because of the breading & they deep fat fry them before packaging) can only be served once per week each meal(so once for b-fast, once for lunch, and once for snack).
This is because they are more "bad fat" than healthy stuff in them. Our food lady showed us fake foods with the white part being healthy & the yellow part being fat content. Fish sticks & nuggets were about 75% fats. Balogna was 90% fat. Hot Dogs were nearly 100% fat!
These are just standards we have to follow that the government has for childcares. But I notice the schools get away with alot more junk than I can, so there you go!
I think it's personal pref really. I have followed the once a week rule for so many years that it's second nature. We save our "processed foods" for eating out. I don't even buy them for home use/daycare. So my kids can't have a jag like yours because it isn't even an option. But I do have daycare kids who graze what I serve & maybe only eat the apples & that's it. Or the corn, nothing else. Or PB & J. Or heck, just the milk because they hated everything else served that meal!
You can be sure when snack comes rolling around after nap, seconds of crackers are had though!! But that's kids. I can't imagine always eating what!'s served when I didn't have any input on what I was hungry for(isn't being an adult great!!)
Anyway, kids are gonna do what they are gonna do. They eat the same things for a while then move on. It's normal. Just depends on how much you wanna fight it or work with it.
He won't die from eating fish sticks for a month or two. Or 5 other things.
Worse comes to worse, he ends up being picky & grows up being picky. Then he's like my mom who only likes & serves 5-8 items ALL THE TIME to her kids. Ugh.
We are so NOT picky(probably the most adventurous eaters you'd ever meet) because eating broccoli at my grandparents was exotic! Cheese?? What is that wonderful thing you speak of! Don't get me started on meat!!
Bye bye.
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