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Re: Happy 1st Birthday JuneBugs!!

Originally Posted by javabarnes View Post
A year? No way! I think someone forgot to tell me. My baby girl is not almost a year already!!!!

But think Shannon - you have a new itty squishie on the way!

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
Ok, so my day kinda sucked (just normal stuff), but kailani's day was great and I tried to focus on him. So, since it's still his b-day for 10 more minutes, i will obnoxiously post more than one pic
Aww!! Thanks for sharing, Jul! I absolutely am jealous of all K's hair!! It looks like he had a wonderful supper and cake time - spaghetti is a top fav of Levi's, too... but oh so messy!

AFM: I have MOTS this morning, our next-to-last one for the year. I need to get up and showered, get the older 2 off to school and all that. But I'm blah cuz of the weather.

2 days ago it seriously stormed all day long. It took until about 3pm, while I was sitting here staring out the picture window at the incredible wind and driving rain and hail, when I finally realized after saying all day that I've not seen weather like this, that I have seen weather like that. It was when hurricaines would hit the east coast. WTHeck?! A hurricaine in the prairies?!! How in the world does that happen?!! Not sure. But that's what it was. I have no doubt.
Yesterday was beautiful. Slight breeze, but sunny and fairly warm - t shirt warm anyways. We can't play in the yard again because of all the flooding and wetness, but we played on the deck most of the day. I was able to water flowers with Isaac and dead-head my hanging baskets We had BBQ for supper :yum: A nice day.
And now I wake up and it's crummy again. Boo. It's windy and cloudy. They're calling for really warm, humid temps this afternoon... and another bunch of rain and thunderstorms. Seriously?! NO MORE RAIN.

Sorry. I ramble about the weather. I know this. But it's a huge factor in how I feel each day with my SAD. It's been a long winter, and now a wet cold spring. Just carries it on far too long.

In other (not so crummy) news. I was thinking about bfp's and timing and all, lol, and I realized that if I get pregnant 2 cycles from now (so end of june cycle) it would be fairly perfect timing, putting EDD right before/during spring break '12. Huh. Interesting.
Although I know, the best laid plans... and all that. But it would be neat timing.
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