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Re: Ultrasound?

With DD, we had one at 18 weeks (regular 20 week U/S, but going every four weeks would have put it at 18 or 22, I chose 18). It was the standard gender and anatomy scan.
Then we chose to pay for another at 30 weeks, to get the full benefit of 4D. But it turned out she was already 4 'weeks' too big and we couldn't see her face at all (she was 5lbs 4oz @ 30 weeks), because her face was plastered up against me. OB discounted it and said there was no way she was that big. She was 10lbs 7oz at birth.

With DS, we had the regular 20 week scan around 18 weeks, then we had another at 30 & 34 to check his growth due to how big his sister was. He, too, was a large baby - 5lbs 2oz at 30 weeks, 10lbs 7oz at birth. No GD, I just bake them big.

I always felt a little shorted that we never had early ultrasounds, as it's not the practice of that office to do one until 18-20 weeks. So I never got to feel pregnant until ~15-16 weeks when the kicks started.
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