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Re: infant reflux?

You need to google diet and reflux and follow that as diet is 1/2 the key - for formula feeders you have to try multiple formulas.

Don't have baby sleep in the car seat if possible. At best, try a bouncy seat. There is one that is made for reflux but we used the my little lamb and it was our lifesaver. (otherwise he slept on my husband)

The wedges DO work and aren't $100. We used the DEX under the crib mattress - don't use it under the sheet as it seemed a bit risky but I'm paranoid. That was our other lifesaver. (others stores have it cheaper).

Take baby to a GI over a ped. as they are the ones who specialize in it and consider medication if it is that bad.

Also, it may just be gas or something else or a combination of things so look at everything and not just reflux.

Make sure to burp really well in different positions too. I can't burp over the shoulder but my husband could better. I can burp better sitting babies up for some reason so we'd rotate to get all the gas out. Also start with the bike legs/up down and all around.
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