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Re: I was bored.

Aww, yeah...sleeping in is the bomb-diggity. Unfortunately, my daughter is up by 5:30am, workday or not!! I haven't had to set my alarm clock since she was born, lol. Somedays I love waking up to her singing and rolling over to give me a huge hug and kisses, but other mornings, as she's sticking her fingers up my nose and in my eyeballs, I'd prefer the news on NPR as my wake up call!

I only work part-time too (4 days a week, 36 hours), and it's been great to have 3-days off. I would really like 3 days of work, and 4 days off, but my workplace (and finances) say 'no no' to that ideal! But yes, interacting in a workplace is a necessity for me, beyond financial needs.
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