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Re: talk to me about infants at the pool

Like escapethevillage, I have drowning concerns. We live right next to a major river and our favorite park is there. I have to keep a sharp eye on DS to keep him from trotting right into the river after the geese. I'm not comfortable waiting for him to learn to swim on his own time frame, so we started lessons as soon as they would admit him. (5 months) Despite what DS seems to think now, he's not yet ready to swim on his own, but I feel better now that the building blocks are in place. I assure you, a swift dip in the water here and there has not traumatized him for life but been extremely beneficial.

His father, bless him, still promptly blows out all his air if he gets a dunking, then wonders why he sinks like a stone in a pool. (DH is afraid of water and can't swim. One of our deals is that I teach DS not to fear water, and DH will teach him not to fear needles.)
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