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Re: Happy 1st Birthday JuneBugs!!

Argh. I'm aggravated.
DH's cousin is getting married in July. We were invited. We had planned on going ourselves, taking Levi, and getting a baby sitter for the whole day and evening (wedding at 3, reception/dinner/etc later on, we'd need someone from near lunchtime until well after bedtime). I rsvp'ed yesterday saying yes for DH, me, and Levi. They emailed back today saying that the guests are "restricted to adults only excepting the kids in the immediate family and wedding party"
I'm ticked off now. It's not like we're wanting to bring everyone, just Levi - who is only one, still nursing, and who doesn't go to sleep for anyone except me. Never mind that he is used to sitting through an hour long church sermon every week and does so pretty much silently - hence why he's still allowed to sit with us!
We really wanted to go to this wedding, DH was really excited about it, his parents are coming out for it. Boo. I haven't replied yet and will talk to DH about it. I'm totally fine with him going with his parents, but I absolutely don't have a choice in the matter - I can't leave Levi for that long. Period.
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