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Re: would you take your kid to the ER knowing it's not an emergency

Originally Posted by nada87 View Post
Peanuts tush is looking so much better today. It still is worse than it has ever been but now most of it is very pick rather then bright red. She does have a few raw spots that I am keeping my eye on. Our copay is $150 for er visits so while its crazy expensive it wouldn't break the bank (thanks fto the emergency fund). Today I realise that I was kinda over reacting last night so I'm glad I didn't go.
Thanks for all the suggestions, we actually don't use cloth right now (well for the last 5 months actually) so its not because I haven't been killing it in the diapers. I haven't been using TTO constantly I just threw that back in because it seemed to get the best results.
We actually see a GP not a pedi and they don't usually call back if you call the after hours number. I'm planning to switch drs but we are planning to move out of state this year (spring next year at the latest) so I was hoping to avoid that hassle until then.
DD had a couple of raw spots that were not getting better and Tuesday they were looking infected so I called the ped's office to ask the nurse what I should do and she told me to bring her in and be seen by her ped. She had a secondary infection. These were likely a couple of scratched from her grabbing at herself during a diaper change that got infected. Got a script from the doc for an antibiotic ointment and within a day it had improved GREATLY. Only issue is that DH used it last night and then put her in a Fuzzibunz (AFTER I told him to ONLY use the disposables while we use this stuff) so hopefully he didn't ruin it. *sigh* Anyway, wanted to mention that to anyone who might run into this.
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