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Re: Helpful Homeschool links

I thought I would try posting my links. I've tried a couple of times and it isn't working. Hopefully it will work this time.

Curriculum our core curriculum. Completely free other than ink and paper. It is school at home style and secular. Pre-k through 5th is available right now and through 8th will be available soon. It uses whole word reading and is a bit light on history and science. It offers all core subjects plus Spanish, art and music. Starting in 2nd grade kids learn cursive writing and Geography is added in 3rd. You can give your children asessment tests in writing/grammar and math and customize their curriculum. is another free curriculum. It is unit studies based and a bit more work for parents to organize. I use the history and science for my kids to shore up the weak parts in head of the class. Lesson pathways seems to be a good curriculum though. It is available K-8th and you assign units as you choose to your child. is not free and I am not certain what grades it is available for. I have not used it because it is a pay by month program. I believe it is similar to head of the class and I know many parents like it. truly free homeschooling is a site that offers info on how to homeschool your child for free. It is more for parents who want to research and build for themselves though it does have info on other programs.

Phonics my curriculum uses whole word which I don't like. I supplement with a phonics program. There are many available. is a great free program. You do have to print the books. is running another free download offer and they seem to do that frequently. I downloaded it for my kids during one of these offers and it is a great program. It is really working for my boys. is a great place for kids to play with phonics. You can also print some books here. reading, writing and grammar free program though again you have to print. I haven't used this program yet to know how well it works.

Other supplements Sometimes you just need extras. Whether you don't like how your program approaches a subject or your child needs more or you just want to do something fun it is nice to have options. Here are some more links. now you could probably build an entire curriculum off of the BBC, it is just that good. They have an area for primary students and an area for secondary students. all kinds of print outs from little books to worksheets of letters and writing prompts. Membership is free though I think there may be a paid level as well. Another worksheet page. I know not all parents like to do worksheets but it can really help with some things, like mastering letters and math facts. games, worksheets and tutorials this is thinkfinity which has all kinds of games and such on it. The catch is I don't know if it works for people without verizon or not. I saw an add for it in passing one day when I was half unconscious with a stomach bug and I looked it up. Everyone I know has verizon so I've never been able to test it. more printables this is part of the BBC but I think it deserves it's own link, best typing instruction game ever. I bought one for my kids but wound up lending it to dh's friend's hubby. This is so much better anyway and it is free. discovery channel lesson plans. They are just individual lesson plans on science and history topics. I love discovery channel. vocabulary and spelling you don't get much better than this for math help. From basics of addition on up it is awesome. He not only explains how but why in his simple little videos and then there are exercises you can do. If you log in (and membership is completely free) it will follow your progress. You really can't beat it. He does simple arithmetic, algebra, money and banking, calculus, and even sciences. He even does brain teasers. I was showing it to Kearnan because he was struggling with multiplication, not the how or why but the memorization, but he just enjoys the site. I enjoy it too. free download of timez attacks a multiplication learning game. Just helps kids with the memorization of their times tables. That was a hard one for Kearnan. He has a hard time with memorization in general. Best place for building social studies lessons. Usually I use lesson pathways for a premade lesson but sometimes I want to build my own lessons and Mr. Donn has the best stuff. You could just use this site and never do anything else for history. Love it.

Ok I think that is it for now. I will post more if I think of anything else.
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