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Re: Newfound obsession with pacifiers?

DS always liked his binkie, but at about 14 months (right about the time he weaned bc my milk dried up) he started constantly calling for his "bee". He always wanted one in his mouth, and another 1 in his hand. He didn't always suck on it. He'd throw it, go get, it, repeat. It is better if there isnt one in sight, but if he sees one anywhere in the room, he'll throw a fit if he doesn't get it. I think for DS, it likely is bc he still needs to suck, but my milk dried up and after a few weeks, he gave up on dry nursing. Things got a bit better when we gathered up all the binkies to one location and if he's busy doing something, we will try to get it from him and put it out of view. We've been able to go longer without the "bee" and had fewer meltdowns that way. He still has it a lot though!
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