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Re: infant reflux?

I changed my diet down to I felt like there were 4 foods I could eat and my son still had reflux. He didn't spit up much but smelled like acid on his breath and was fussy.

We did zantac and it helped a ton, still had some reflux but I really didn't want to use the proton pump inhibitors (like prevacid) since you can become dependent on those. AT 6ish months we weaned him off zantac and seemed ok. But at 1 he started having respiratory symptoms. We figured out by 2 years that it was all due to reflux. He went back on meds for year and hasn't been on any since. He has a really deep voice for a 6 year old and they think it may be due to all the reflux he had. i was so worried about having him on med that he didn't need that I probably didn't treat it aggressively enough
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