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Re: Newfound obsession with pacifiers?

It absolutely happened to us too. My son would take it at naps, sleep and sometimes at other times but not that often and would never ask for it but it got to the point that he was far more happy with it all of the sudden from about 13-18 months. We started to get concerned but it was clearly teething so we got rid of it. Everyone said it would be a big deal and it wasn't. I started at naps - 2 and then we pulled it at night and I replaced it with a few new tethers as he didn't like the old ones. It was weird as I put off getting rid of it for months thinking of all the drama and there hardly was any. When he starts to chew, we give the tethers and now he's starting to not even want them. We just went to the dentist and she suggested raw carrots. I was worried that they'd be a choking hazard but she said no and they've been working well.
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