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Originally Posted by AutumnMoon09
Southern KY here!!! In between Lexington and Somerset! I would love to be in the know about people & places in KY that sell cloth, make cloth or any organization that can help me get started. I'm new to CD'ing!!
I live in Lexington and am somewhat new to cloth diapering. I'm diapering our first...she is 4 weeks old and we've been cd'ing since we got home from the hospital. There is a cloth diaper store in Lexington called Mother Nurture. They are on Facebook and have a website. It is a great store especially for advice! I wish they had more of a cloth selection but that's ok!! There is also Baby Moon. Anne is in charge there and does yoga, oilseed, playgroups, birthing classes, breastfeeding classes, etc. It is phenomenal! All classes are pre or post with the post classes open to you new little ones. Both of these places are off of Richmond Rd just south of the Lowes. I highly recommend both!

There is supposedly another good cd store. Maybe in Lawrenceburg? I found it through the Grovia site.
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