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I don't know about bed wedges since DD pretty much refuses to sleep long stretches anywhere but with me sitting up and her on my chest.

The thing that really helped us was the swing that you can adjust both the incline of the seat and the direction of the swing. She found that very soothing. Also the liquid Zantac. They call it something else but that is basically what it is.
DD would Arch her back and get so stiff with her eyes bugging out. It was terrifying; I thought she was having seizures or something. Come to find out that is a common symptom of reflex. They are reacting to the pain.
If you are having over supply of milk you might also try hand express a couple oz into a glass before you nurse to get rid of the thinnest, most sugary milk as it tends to exacerbate the reflux issues, also lag off the juice off that is an issue.

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