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Moving to Anchorage!

Ok, hi all! And thank you in advance for the help!

I'm a single mom who has been offered a job up in Anchorage, and basically I'm would love some more information on the area.

Some info about us: I would be making $19 an hour, working full time, & my daughter would be in day-care. I've always wanted to live there, and now that I have the chance I want to jump on it, but I want to make sure I am making a well informed decision.

-Is $19 enough to make ends meet as a single mom in Anchorage?
-I would have 4 days to find a daycare, an apartment, and a car before I would be starting work. Is this impossible? (My mom would be helping me move, so there is some flex in this time frame)
-I would be working at the 5th Avenue Mall, so I would like to stick around that area, is it a safe one?
-Is it hard to find cheap furnishings up there? Or should I figure out how to ship stuff?

I realize this seems nuts, but I would love some insight to the area. Feel free to ask me any questions, thank you!!!
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