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Re: Our journey home...

I watch HGTV nonstop sometimes, so yeah, I am all over what could be! We will be moving about 2 hrs away. Kids aren't in school yet so that helps. The one downside is that it puts us 3 hrs from my mom- about 1/2hr longer drive than we have now. It's a small town, and not really near anything, but there's a small college there. My MIL and BIL + his family are there, so we won't be alone anymore.

We were trying to find a rental in the town my mom lives in (or around here) but everything was a pos and $$$. The house down there is owned by dh's brother and once it's all done (est about $10k for the remodel) we will pay them about $15k and be the new owners. With the situation we are in now, being foreclosure on this house, it's a great option, and we will be using dh's 401k to pay for everything. Not the most ideal, but hey, gotta do what you gotta do. I've already bought all the paint for the house. Took advantage of Home Depot's memorial day sale and saved almost $200! All the work will be done by dh and BIL, and some extra help now and then from SIL's nephews.

Glad you guys found an area that you could afford and meet your needs. Sometimes we have to compromise some of the things we want to get what we need.
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