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Re: Circumcision - several questions, brit milah vs brit peri'ah

Brit Milah is the only way mohelim perform circs as far as i understand it; we asked our rabbi this same thing -- would periah satisfy the requirement and did she know a mohel willing to perform periah. But no mohel i have ever heard of is doing brit periah -- it was basically done away with a loooong time ago within Judaism (like with the advent of rabbinic Judaism).

You may be better off with a urologist in your situation.

I'm curious what religious significance this has for you if you're not Jewish, since my understanding (and correct me, please, if I'm wrong here), is that Christians believe that the coming of Jesus invalidated/superseded the tenets of the Torah (what Christians call the Old Testament) and that Torahidic law was then replaced by Jesus's teachings, which became the New Testament (which as far as I understand, actually outlawed circumcision at least for a time). I'm not being snarky, and am genuinely curious.
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