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Re: Circumcision - several questions, brit milah vs brit peri'ah

keysersoze, I don't mind you asking at all! I think most Christians do believe what you mentioned (Jesus did away with the Old Testament, created a New Covenant and new teachings), but we believe that Jesus was a Jew and that when Christianity formed, it was originally more of a sect of Judaism than a new religion. I believe that most early Christians observed Torah to some extent and I believe that God created Torah for a purpose, not as a legalistic list of rules that were impossible to follow. I believe it helps us to better understand Him and His plan for our lives. As far as which parts of Torah we observe, we are still exploring this. We observe many of the festivals of the Old Testament, we abstain during my menstrual period, we eat kosher, etc, but I'm still learning and growing and not "set" in my ways with much of this.

Regarding circumcision, this thread has reaffirmed my thoughts about whether we should consult with a urologist. I think that will be my first step (and I'll see if my pediatrician will give me a referral if necessary), and I will ask the urologist about the plastic surgeon as well.

The annoying thing is that right now, DH just graduated and is job hunting, so I have no idea where we will be living by October when our son arrives. I'm trying to plan ahead, but I can't actually do a consult with a urologist until DH gets a job.
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