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Unhappy Update! I am ready to rip my hair out!!!

First off, I love my dd with all of my heart but I am ready to rip my hair out! She is 17 months old and already throws horrible temper kicking, screaming, biting, and hitting. If she wants something and I don't give it to her she flips out. I know this is all normal but gosh. The newest thing is she can get out of the crib. Today I put her in the crib while I got dressed and she pulled herself up and onto the side. She was literally straddling the crib! She is only 17 months. She doesn't like to go to sleep to begin with, how will I ever use a big girl bed?!?!? We used to cosleep when I still breastfed but she tossed and turned the entire night and it was not safe for her. Once I put her in the crib (right next to me) she started sleeping better. She is also starting to climb on top of everything! SHe thinks she is a jungle woman.
I just need a little I have such a headache and she screams high enough to break glass!
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