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Re: What kind of detergent do you use on your pockets?

Originally Posted by fouradss
PP have given you a lot of good ideas. I just want to throw another one out there. I have hard, no softener, well water. I found that if I use Calgon in my hot wash along with the Dawn if works wonders. It is a watersoftener, and you can get it in the detergent section. It may be worth a try.

Goodluck! I have had many issues with my microfiber. I just purchased some prefolds to try as inserts. I'm hopeing I won't have to strip as often as the micro. Fingers crossed!


I would look into trying Calgon also. We have hard water, but have a water softner. Well our power went out a few weeks ago and it shut the water softner off and I didn't realize it until my diapers started to stink and I couldn't figure it out. And know I am SURE it was because of the hard water. (but I have no idea how to tell if you have hard water or not. The way I could tell was because of my dishes having spots on them) I stripped my diapers and now everything is great.
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