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The best 100% cotton, trim, size-adjustable absorbent insert (EVEN MORE action pics!)

And its made out of a large rectangular flat! Shown in the pictures are GMD large unbleached organic flats.

I was really struggling to find a 100% natural fiber (I love cotton) insert that was absorbant, trim, and the right length. I tried trifolded prefolds, but the yellow GMDs were too short and not quite absorbant enough, the reds are way too long, and if I fold the reds the "wrong" way to make it shorter it was too bulky and non-bendy in the middle. Yes, I guess I'm that picky.

I padfolded my flats (in quarters, then thirds), but found the same non-bendy stiff problem and it wasn't narrow enough for my liking.

So...I read a thread on here about one mama how she folds her flats and it gave me inspiration.

In half the long way, then in thirds the long way tucking in the hemmed edges. Stitch the ends together with my sewing machine so it stays folded. I really dislike folding flats, so stitching them with a long (3~4 length) stitch makes it easy for me to rip them out if I need to. Then use the length to your advantage, and fold in the ends towards the middle, overlapping the ends in the center to make it the exact length you need. This creates an insert that has 12 overall layers, and 18 in the center where its folded over. I am loving it!!

Inserted into pockets, it is nice and trim, smooth and flat. Also very absorbant, and since they are stitched to stay folded, there is very minimal work to do out of the dryer. Like flats are famous for, they still clean up well and dry very quickly.

Sorry I can't remember the mama who posted how she did this fold - I think I changed it a tiny bit by "trifolding" the long way, but either way, it was because of her post I created this and all of a sudden love my pockets for an awesome diaper bag diaper and overnight solution (I lay a hemp insert in the middle of the flat insert and it holds my 1 yr old overnight).

laid out flat:

in half the long way:

in thirds:

fold each end towards the middle to the exact length you need:

stitch the ends together so there is less folding to do out of the dryer. I only do this because I don't like folding flats, and don't use them as "diapers", just "inserts".
I did this to both ends:

It also folds in half super easy for comfort inside a pocket or laid in a cover:

"fluff" comparison to a GMD red prefold folded in thirds and in half

I add a joeybunz hemp insert for overnight:

__________________________________________________ ______________

my newest update:

I made a tiny adjustment. I have used them for quite a few days and they've gone through many washings. They were coming out of the dryer bunchy in the middle and it was becoming a hassle to re-flatten them, so i put another straight stitch through the very middle of it .... and its literally....PERFECT. Come out of the dryer dry after one cycle (because they're still "open" and not serged on the edges or anything), and stayed completely flat and awesome, and all I had to do was "trifold" the long way and it was done.

the 3 straight stitches (yeah, they're a bit crooked, lol):

all folded up to my desired length:

************************************************** ********
ACTION PICS (these are shown with extra folded over part in the front):
************************************************** ********

"brick butt" - LOL

Mine look a little quilty because they're sewn down in 3 places, all the layers quilted up a tiny bit, its still "flat" just not "flat flat"...if you KWIM.

Can be folded over on the end for extra "up front" absorbancy, awesome for boys:

Or folded over right in the middle for a girl:

stuffed inside a BG 3.0:

Keep in mind these are probably the largest flats on the market...SUPER long (33" I think). Any large or medium size will be trimmer.
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