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Re: I am ready to rip my hair out!!!

My dd has been acting the same way, and it just seems to be getting worse. She's 17 months too. Abby's hates to go to sleep to, but I'm no help with that. It's gotten to the point were I just let her stay up until she finally falls asleep, and then she sleeps half the day. If we have some where to go I wake her up, but if not I just let her set her own schedule. Its just easier than trying to get her to sleep for hours and even then she doesn't always go to sleep. Less stressful for me, and dd seems to get more sleep and be in a better mood.
Is your crib on the lowest setting? Our porta crib is also deeper than a normal one, so maybe she could sleep in one of those for a while.
With the climbing, once Abby has fallen off of something a couple of times, she generally screams for help down.
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