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Re: Mamas on Etsy or HyenaCart...?

1. Do you already sell in a brick and mortar store (consignment, wholesale, retail, or otherwise)?

No, this has never been worth it for me. I am limited with how much I can get done, and don't want to short change myself by only getting 60% my regular prices by doing consignment or wholesale. I do set up at an artisan market sometimes during the summer, but it is more "social time" for me than to make money, haha.

2. Is this sort of a trial run before you start your own website or are you planning to go all in and stock the store up?

I have my own website ( and tried having my things stocked there, but hardly anything sold. There is much more traffic going to HC and Etsy and the review system helps people trust making an order once you have a few good ones up. I just have my website there for information now, not as the actual store.

3. Did you register your business with your local county clerk's office for "doing business as" or some other type of license before you got started?

I did right away. I needed to so I could set up a doing business as bank account right away. It is good to keep all your business expenses separate from your personal for taxes. It is also nice to have a separate debit card just for the business.

4. Any other advice?

Like other people say, good photos. I got some white background, shoplights with daylight bulbs tripod and set it up on a banquet table for my photos and it works nicely. It is worth some time and money since good photos will help your things sell.

I also suggest setting up a spreadsheet and keeping track of all your expenses and sales. Even if you don't have time to enter everything right away, have an envelope you keep all your receipts in.

4. If you already have an Etsy or HC store... give me the link! I'd love to take a look!!

I sell mostly on Etsy since it is where I started. I tried listing things on HC, but didn't sell any in stock there and you can't have them listing at both for fear of selling the same thing twice.

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