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Re: Getting off the bottle, cold turkey style?

Does he need one or is it just a habit of yours and his as that is the routine? (I don't mean it in a negative way as I went through it with my husband and with him I went cold turkey and packed them up and only left 2 out just in case but I knew he wouldn't go after them or look). Try giving him a sippy and see what happens. We use the Nuk with the same tip but it is the bigger shape for snuggle time and the smaller one with handles for meals. The bigger is so similar to a bottle that it may be able to easier make the transition that way.

I think it really depends on the child & parent but we find its more "us" than our son. We were so reluctant with the story's with the pacifier and it wasn't a huge deal and we transitioned him off over about a week.
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