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Re: May 2010 DDC

Yeah I'm not really sure about her using 'movement' as a guess towards EDD. Each pg I've experienced the Dr has always used LMP, even though I know for myself that is not accurate. Until the u/s says otherwise that's what they use. I will try measuring my belly and see what that 'says'.

My pg with #2 I was almost 21 wks along when I found out at my yearly exam. I still didn't 'feel' anything for a few wks after that. So I'm still just as confused about when I'm 'due' as I was before. November sounds good though LOL.

I'll be going in the morning, if only for my u/s form. This Dr has another office that is MUCH closer...and not in the badlands. I will talk with her tomorrow about maybe continuing to see her in that office instead. They are two separate entities, not just another office of the same practice. This one is more like a clinic for low-income folks, which I guess technically we now qualify for. But I'd still rather go to an actual Dr's office where people know what they're talking about.

Oh and the kicker from last or around 30 wks all patients are transferred regular OBs office. I guess for liability reasons or something. I just wish my reg. OB would see me. But I have to get that balance paid first. Ugh stupid gov't seizing our tax return (but that's another story).
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