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Re: colic and comfort nursing - ahh!

Oh gosh, I feel for you Especially, it being your first. I haven't dealt with colic before, but I have had those fussy nights when comfort nursing seems to be all that I can do. I CAN tell you this (and I know it doesn't provide an immediate remedy) really does take time for these little ones to eventually settle into a more calm and predictable routine. I have 3 children (14 year old, 2.5 year old, and a 2.5 month old) and EVERY single one of them had some very fussy nights - enough to make me question whether I had as much patience as I'd like to think. One of the BEST pieces of information I was ever given was from a nurse who told me that even the BEST babies with the BEST temperaments still have very immature systems and are bound to have discomfort (which, in turn, makes them know the rest). So, mama, I hate to say it but it may just be something that is only cured with time and your boobs. Stinks to be loved, doesn't it? Hang in there and good luck to you!
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