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Re: Happy 1st Birthday JuneBugs!!

I know y'all are chatting on FB though I'll get around to figuring it out this summer, I promise. I've finished one baby gift for a friend (well, my part of it) and I've got to get family pictures caught up and another baby gift made (SIL due with a girl! in Aug)... then I'll feel like I have some time to sit and figure things out with an Etsy shop (? or should I attempt Hyena Cart?) and FB.

Anyhoo, cuz I have nowhere else to post...
I think I'm going to make a dog cake for Levi's birthday. I need to look up some photos online to get an idea, then get it started in the next couple days. He loves dogs - well, all animals, but dogs especially. He pants like our dog and knows what a dog says "oooo" like a howl/growl (our dog "talks" to us, not barking, and not growling mean at us)
He even saw a Ty stuffed dog in the mall last weekend and said "OOOO!!!". When DH gave it to him he hugged it really close and started petting it
We left with that dog, lol. We'll count it as an early b-day gift!

We've had some continuing odd weather here - it was really warm and sunny for Sunday and Monday, stormed (thunder and lightening) honestly all day Tuesday, cloudy and a tad chilly yesterday, now it's looking like today will be all right. Still not quite sure what to dress the older 2 in for all day at school!
I'm feeling better, getting out every day when it's not raining/storming. Even if it's just for dead-heading my hanging baskets and getting flowers watered. At least it's something.

I had a stupid, strange AF. Boo. I hate my body and it's weird cycles/AFs. After Isaac was born I was on BCP until he was 2 - during that time I had 28d cycles, 7d AF. Fine. That's what I'd always had before TTC and between the other pregnancies.
But after I went off the pills I ended up with 25d cycles, 10-11d AFs. It was depressing to be bleeding so much and knowing that I'd only have a 2wk break before beginning again.
I was hoping that this time my body would settle into a good cycle. The first ppAF was 2d spotting then 6d AF - not too bad and I can handle that, lol. But then I had either a 26 or 28d cycle (do I count it from the spotting or real AF starting?) 5d heavy AF, 1d really light like looked like it was stopping, 1d spotting, back heavy for 2d and then spotting for another 2d. So...11d so far including the spotting. And that was just yesterday so I'm waiting to see if there's more today.
I hate these long AFs. I could handle the shorter cycles if only I could have normal AFs. Blech. So draining.
Hmm... could lower platelets or iron contribute to that I wonder?

OMGoodness can't believe I forgot! Levi started really walking yesterday!!
He's been taking a few steps for about a month and a half, adding a step or 2 every couple weeks, but yesterday he was walking all over the living room, squatting to pick up things, changing direction and everything! Definitely officially "walking".

That's the most important change with him, though there's lots of little things - like climbing everywhere . Monkey.
But I gotta go get the kids breakfast and ready for school!
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