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Re: colic and comfort nursing - ahh!

Originally Posted by arhodes728 View Post
hey mommas

i'm a new mom to my beautiful DD who will be 7 weeks tomorrow.

has anyone else had this problem? i don't mean this to be selfish, but i am so tired of being on the sofa for 4 hours at a time with her falling asleep for 15 minutes here, waking up screaming, comfort nursing, drinking a little here and there... plus i wonder if she's even getting enough hind milk when she nurses like that - it ends up being close to 10 minutes each side and she's not an aggressive nurser. i really feel crazy. i feel so bad for her when she cries and i want to soothe her but i don't want to get into the habit of her needing to comfort suck for so long every single night. i end up getting so frustrated sometimes that i have to leave her with DH and go into another room for awhile because its just too overwhelming.

any suggestions or encouragement? when does this get better? this is my first and i'm glad i'm breastfeeding but i don't think i would keep doing it past 6 months if i didn't think it would get better than this in a few months - is that true?

thanks mommas
Also, you are still at working through post partum hormones, so this is all perfectly normal.(The way you feel) Seriously by 8ish weeks Yaya was so much better and things are looking up.

ETA- Yes... it gets better (for most of us) And IMO its soooooo worth it.
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