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Re: The No Stink, No Complications Laundry Solution!

Thanks for all the support mamas!!

Yea, this thread was meant for mainly CD newbies. There's just too much confusing conflicting information out there and I've read too many posts in which newbies are saying they're giving up CDing due to stink issues or not being able to afford special detergent or being frustrated with how complicated washing CDs is. That is not good! And we need to spread the word that sticking with your normal detergent and treating your diapers like they were pooped on is fine!

Now, if you're farther along in CDing, and you've got some special dipes that you're in love with that are like gold to you, that you want to preserve as long as possible, that's another matter (to which I can totally relate ). You'd probably still be ok with Tide, etc, but I can understand being hesitant about it.

But for the majority of CDers and for the majority of diapers, there is no need for special detergent or complicated routines.
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