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Re: Discouraged...what if lo is allergic to pul, seudecloth and being wet?

I just wanted to come back and update....

Turns out my super sensitive pale girl does have a milk protein allergy and that was causing some of her rashes. She is doing great in motherease cotton sandys with a microfleece liner and an emotibums fleece cover. This combo fits her great and we haven't had any issues at all.

Now my other dd seems to be allergic to microfleece!!! I've had this same combo on her and she has tiny red bumps all over her girly parts. The same thing happened with birdseye cotton flats and bamboo velour. I'm giving the motherease stay dry a try right now, but I only have a few. Any suggestions?

ETA: It turns out it was heat rash, not an allergy to the fabrics! I put her back in our sandys with fleece covers and just don't put any other clothing over it. It's healing now. Good thing we bought such cute covers!
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