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Re: The No Stink, No Complications Laundry Solution!

Originally Posted by KingsDaughter76 View Post
After cloth diapering ALL my kids over the past 14 yrs....I have to AGREE 100% with your posting! I use the FULL amount or more of detergent and I get nice clean fresh diapers everytime. I would never use a tiny amount of detergent to wash things vomited on, pooped or pee'd on or anything else gross. Detergent is necessary to get things clean. I think more moms would use cloth if it wasn't made to sound SO complicated compared to just using sposies....let's keep it simple ladies, and more will be willing to try cloth! :-)
What is up with that anyway? Why do people make it so difficult? Who has the TIME?! I remember having page upon page upon page of cloth diaper websites saved in my bookmarks and I wanted to get into cloth so bad but I was totally overwhelmed and had no idea what to do and I wasn't part of DS then either. I did cloth when DD was six months old until she was 10 months when a friend of mine gave me a bunch of her stash and gave me some suggestions. When we moved to a place that didn't have a washer/dryer that kind of went out the window (we were lucky if we got our regular laundry done more than twice a month). This time, since I was living with the friend, she got me started from the beginning and even when I moved to my own place, she did the washing for the longest time because she enjoys washing diapers. Now that I'm doing the washing (she's moved out of the area), it's getting more difficult but reading this helps a lot. I loved my friend's washer and dryer though, it had all of these settings and it didn't take much to just put it all in and use the longest washing setting. Don't have that luxury here though but reading this helps a lot. Now I can simplify things a little more. HOPEFULLY, the drain that was backed up the other day isn't so I can go down and actually WASH the diapers.
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