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Re: How big was your DC at 12-13 months?

My dd was 19lbs something. She was FF. She was still taking 8 oz bottles I think every 3-4 hrs during the day? I honestly forget.
I would say as long as he is gaining I wouldn't worry. Is he getting formula to? Or just the bf 3X a day? The dr. might say something but I really don't know. As I am not sure how much she got. I think it was 3 meals plus 2 snacks(which were just bottles and no food).
Just remember every child is different.
My nephew is 6 mos younger than my DD and tiny compared to her. He just got into 3t clothes at almost 4 years old! And his sister is 7 years old and 44 in and 44 lbs. My dd at 4 1/2 is 41 in and 39ish lbs. lol
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