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Re: How big was your DC at 12-13 months?

Originally Posted by ShannaMarie View Post

Is he eating any dairy yet? Whole fat yogurt, cheeses? Protein, beans, meats?
He eats EVERYTHING! lol. He loves cheese and yogurt and we give him whole-fat everything. Avacado is one of his favorites, too. He has 3 meals a day and two or three snacks and breastfeeds before each nap and before each nap. He also drinks juice and rice milk and sometimes drinkable yogurt.

He seems to be developing wonderfully, size put aside. He has been walking for three months and knows signs for everything and has about 20 words in his verbal vocabulary... he seems smart to me, just little.

You mamas are making me feel better. Thanks. Sounds like there are other little babies out there, I have just never known any and I hear of and know many babies that are well into the 20lb range on their first birthday...

Just wanted to know we weren't alone!!
Mommy to a boy (6) and a girl (4).

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