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Angry Spent the afternoon in the ER! I am SO MAD!

So we went to lunch as a family to a resteraunt that we go to fairly often. We got alice what we normally get her. She always has some Chow Mein and the broccoli from my beef with brocolli. No we have been really careful when giving Alice food. Always let her try a little and watch her like a hawk. Alergies run on both of our sides, For instance dan is allergic to shelfish. So when we sat down to eat Dan tried some of Alice's brocolli after a minute. he made this face and announced that it tasted like Shrimp. I asked him if we needed to get him some benedryl and he said no, he will whatch it. No we have kept alice away from Shelfish for this reason. And, for this sake we always check for allergy warning and ask before giving her new food. So upon this announcment we watched her as she had already sucked the sauce out of most of her food. Dan went up to ask the manager about the shrimp taste where she told him that it has oyster sauce in it.. WHAT!!! That is not posted anywhere!! he asked her where it was posted and she directed him to there website... So Alice seems alright so far so i go to chane her diaper and clean her up before we leave.. I get her on the floor (because for some reason this place has no changing table) and see her legs look red. I figure its just the light as it was really bad in the bathroom. Take her outside where dan was and look again. her legs are red swollen and has a raised rash all over it. Crap. So we get her in the car and start heading to her Ped. We get on the freeway and notice the rash is getting worse and now she is rubbing her eyes and crying.. so we call her ped to alert her and head up tp primary children's hospital. By the time we get there her eyes are almost swollen shut, but the contact rash from where the sauce touched her is starting to fade. They give us some benedryl for her and it starts to go down. so know she is on benedryl every five hours and we have to go see an allergist in the morning.

I am so MAD, this place had no allergy information listed anywhere in the resteraunt. There was absolutly nothing. And her reaction got bad so fast that if we weren't paying attention and knew what to look for we would be in a much worse situation.

Sorry I had to vent. We are conteplating getting a lawyer, just so they will post allergy information. I really don't want this to happen to someone else.
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