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Re: vitamin k and eye "goop" at birth

Originally Posted by TwinKristi View Post
Older people still trust dr's more than themselves and will take 5 Rx's even if they don't know why because their dr said so. Until you have a bad experience, most people don't really know any better than to trust your dr.
This is my grandmother to a T. She never questions, and it never occurs to her to even think of getting a second opinion. She is appalled that I would even consider doing medical research on my own, because the doctor knows best. She was also mortified that I interviewed doctors before choosing one for my kids. In her day, you went to your hometown doctor, and you did what was told.

Thanks for the book suggestion (Henrietta Lacks) - I have added it to my library list.

As for the topic at hand, DS1 received eye ointment and Vit K at birth. I had him in a hospital, and I was a FTM. I didn't research them, and I don't even really think I realized that that happened. I had DD and DS2 in a FSBC with midwives, and I had to sign a consent form to refuse/accept them, so that is when I decided to research. I decided against them, and I am happy with my decision. My ped with DD gave me a *really* hard time about it, even going so far as to tell me that he "didn't know where I got my information from, but it was all wrong", as he gave me a CDC pamphlet and continued to belittle me at her first and last appointment with him. Our current ped didn't say anything, but I felt much more confident in my decision this time. I was ready for a 'fight' with her, if need be.
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