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Re: The No Stink, No Complications Laundry Solution!

Originally Posted by ServingHim View Post
With hard water you need to use more that the recommended detergent to get things clean.
But, 1/2 cup bleach should do the trick!
A few other things to watch for
1) aggitation the more those diapers can be knocked around the better don't go for delicate cycles but for whatever will really aggitate and get the grime out

2) watch out to not under or over load.. Washing say 5 diapers at a time is basically a waste the diapers do well if they can rub against each other it helps to scrub basically.. At the same time too many and the water and detergent wont do its job. I find one standard pail (kitchen size trash can) or one hanging wet bags worth of diapers/covers wipes to be the perfect amount for our XL capicity washed. Othes might do better with more or less

3) watch out for cloth diaper sasuage rolls. You know the drill with using a sposies if pooy we roll it up fasten the tabs over to keep the mess in? Often then incasing inside a waterproof bag.. Sometimes especially if away from home or if my DH deals with a poopy diaper often we get the CD equivlent the rolled up and wraped with a cover diaper that gets tossed into a pail all bunched up and though a prerinse cycle is used sometimes it just doesn't come loose like it should so after the whole wash cycle those end up still smelly..
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