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Re: what baby name were you really wanting to use, but couldn't?

I wanted to use my mom's name and carry on the tradition of giving my girls their grandmother's name (my older sister's first name is similar to my grandmother's first name and I have her middle name; my younger sister got nothing though because my mom ran out). DH and I both have J names so we're trying to avoid the J name thing right now (not wanting to be the Duggars and having us all have J names) and then there's the little thing with the fact that naming a child after my mother in my family would be similar to naming a child after Hitler (okay not THAT bad but it would be about the same thing within my family) so her name is out.

I also like Kathryn but had a number of people tell me that wouldn't work. I was going to use Anastasia for a middle name but my younger sister decided to use it for her daughter and it's the girl she ended up losing at 28 weeks so that one is kind of out too.

Chloe I thought of but watched that whole thing on CSI and the miniature killer's name was Natalie and her first victim was her younger sister whose name was Chloe so uh, NO. Not to mention it doesn't go well with the last name that starts with W.
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