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Re: what baby name were you really wanting to use, but couldn't?

Ha, too cute! If we ever had another child (which will never happen ) my one DS loves Transformers so insists Bumblebee and Starscream are pretty cool names. His twin likes: Lyle and Wally So we have quite the range to choose from, lol!

Originally Posted by NATTYBATSMOM View Post
DH has a love of coming up with the most outlandish and insane names possible. Some examples from when I was pregnant with DD:

Ismabar and Halvor.

While pregnant with this one, DD got in the game and oh brother!

Unicorn, Piano, Water, it was like a contest for them. I just rolled my eyes and named the baby. DD is still mad that I didn't name her Gisselle (from the movie Enchanted).
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